Spring 2022

I wish you’d been my date

To Alpha Phi spring phling.

But I was too shy to ask you out,

So let me try again:

The end of the term is looming,

But before we go on our way,

We can’t get four years back,

So I just want to say

I’ve never loved Dartmouth more

Than during the weeks I’ve spent with you.

You’ve been more than perfect for me –

A fact I think I always knew.

I always hoped to see you everywhere,

I was looking all the time.

Scanning crowds of people

Until the night our stars aligned.

You stood near the exit,

You had only just arrived.

I was overjoyed to see you

My interest in the party: revived.

You were mid-conversation,

I rushed over to your side.

You were worried you’d been rude,

I was just happy you’d stopped by.

All I wanted was a dance scene

And you helped me set the tone.

We had so much fun together

I just had to bring you home.

I wooed you with late night snacks

And wholesome SLC vibes.

You had me with your jokes, your laugh,

The way you kissed me, so polite.

Before we knew it, it was morning.

I wanted so badly for you to stay.

When I got up, you pulled me back

And wrapped your arms around my waist.

Since then, you’re all I’ve thought of

You’re the person I want around

To hold, to listen to, to confide in,

To laugh with, just to hear the sound.

So many special memories,

Moments I’ll remember my whole life.

Like when we boarded around the pond

And looked at the colors in the sky.

And the night we went out dancing

When Psi U was at capacity,

You placed your hand on my back

And told them, “She’s with me.”

And when the party was lame and tiring,

We left early to have our own fun.

To go dance alone in the dark, dark, dark

You said, “I feel a compulsive urge to run.”

And when I accidentally drugged my friends

We had to leave early from Randezbrews.

I told you, if you wanted, you could stay.

You said “no, I came here with you.”

And at BG open mic,

We sat together in the back.

Each time a poet said something cute,

I felt you squeeze my hand.

And when you got up to sing,

I imagined you wrote that song for me.

Your voice still gives me butterflies,

You’re so talented, I’m giddy.

And the nights we’d park your car away

Take the walk you’d do alone before.

We didn’t mind the trek together

Because we could talk a little more.

And the night I was high at Phi Delt,

When you told me you were there,

I was so excited to see you,

I ran and fell down the stairs.

And every night I wasn’t with you,

I couldn’t wait to link.

I’d check my phone compulsively,

Waiting for, “can you come let me in?”

And when you invited me to rope swing,

I was so nervous to meet your friends.

I love the way you drive, the music you play,

I’m so scared for this to end.

You’re so good with my littles,

You fit perfectly in my life.

I’ve never loved myself more,

Than when I see me through your eyes.

I don’t want to forget a single thing,

I journal for hours every day.

I record every moment, every detail,

Every little thing you say.

I could really go on and on,

But I’m taking this overboard.

And I need to write a paper,

So I have to cut this short.

I’ve played games with you before,

Pitched a story just so I could reach out

And showed up at BVAC

Just praying I’d see you around.

But there’s a special day coming up,

Here’s me being direct:

Will you be my date to the ski way,

The Saturday after next?

You can meet me at A Phi around 5,

Dress code is of the phormal type.

I’ll be wearing the color red

Because I know it’s what you like.

I can’t wait to dance with you

Like you’re the only person in the world.

And you can take me by the hand

And show everyone that I’m yours.