Summer 2022

There’s this song that you sing sometimes

that reminds us of each other

under your breath when you’re in the car

or making breakfast or strumming a guitar

Break my heart sweetly

Means something different to you and me.

There are moments when I think

I’m gonna miss this when I'm in it.

I lay in your bed and I don’t sleep

and watch the sky lighten while you breath deep

I feel every minute only as it goes

and grasp at them even though I know

I will never love the warmth of your body

As much as I will miss it.

When I remember you keep a picture of me

In your wallet I wake you to see

if we can still be friends even

When you find someone else.

Sometimes I doubt

My love is requited as you show me out

Of your life with no sign of regret

And with such confidence I forget

That you love me like I do you

and I will let you go too.